Fireflies Week-ends – Fri to Mon

SEASONAL event in November and December each year.

Fireflies are different every night. Book online (see calendar below) to experience this show from nature.

ATTENTION An automatic email confirmation is sent after you have booked online CHECK YOUR JUNK/SPAM BOX. Please DO NOT ring us. We will send a HQ email within 24 hours. Please be patient in this very busy festive time. All Firefly Enquiries, please email

Fireflies Come out in that enchanting hour between day and night  (Twilight or Dusk) when creatures of the forest stir from their afternoon slumbers and venture out to play.

Firefly Magic is a unique festival at the beautiful Australian Rainforest Sanctuary in Ourimbah on the Central Coast of NSW.  The “Fireflies” come out at Dusk (Twilight) and like humidity. However they do vary nightly, so we suggest the evening is deemed an opportunity for a twilight stroll and evening picnic.

Bookings for Weekends Friday to Monday
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